Clairvoyance Throughout History

Horoscopes, sightseeing, and even third eye. These things are considered superficial just because science is unable to explain them properly. But, then again, how come it happens to choose people and it might sound crazy or scary, but there are circumstances that their sayings can really happen. It is even a question where did this kind of clairvoyance started and how people described during the time science was not yet discovered.

To be able to answer that, we shall look at the history and try to see whether their perception about it is the same as how we look at it today.

Looking Back At The Past
Believe it or not, there are a lot of people in history who claimed to have clairvoyance (klarsynthet) majority of them are the saints or religious people. These include Padre Pio, Anne Catherine Emmerich and so on. There are also claims that Jesus Christ himself is also one and that is because he was able to perform miracles and know things beyond the human world.

Miracles or plague. That is how people saw them back then because they can’t find a way to be able to explain them. They decided that it is better to name them extremes instead since they are unbelievable. Other people tend to see them just coincidence, or sorcery since it was also famous back then.

But, then again, oracles in pagan and prophets who are able to predict the future can clearly show signs of having such gift and some people are seeking their wisdom to help them in their decisions. They are considered intellectuals who know a lot. But, if they showed signs that majority of what they predict is bad, they are considered bad luck and usually exiled.

Basically speaking, they are the same as what we see them today since science can’t still explain things today.