Xanthelasma – Is Surgery Necessary?

Some people with cholesterol levels may notice some yellowish lumps on or around their eyelid. This condition is called xanthelasma. It is a very rare condition and can even occur if you have normal cholesterol levels. It may occur in middle-aged people or older. Mostly, it would occur on women than on men. It is not painful but if you have this condition, then you may want to have your cholesterol levels checked.

Can it be removed?

When this skin condition is bothering how you look, you may want to consider removing them. There are surgical ways to remove them. This surgery would cost a lot of money.  There would be a lot of fees that you have to pay. Also, the surgical way to remove them can leave scars on your skin, change the skin color and cause a turned-out eyelid.

Is there a non-surgical way to remove them?

There would be also a nonsurgical way to remove them. There are some tales that says rubbing garlic may be helpful in removing them. it may be effective but there would be harmful effects on your skin. Rubbing garlic on your skin may cause burning of the skin.

Good thing there is a non-surgical way and proven an effective way to remove them by simply applying creams. These xanthelasma removal creams can be purchased online so it is available anywhere around the world. This a very convenient treatment because you could treat it with the comfort of your home. It is safe effective and pain-free.

However, you should always mind what you are eating and always check your cholesterol levels. It can be removed but it may also come back due to improper diet. Just be mindful of what you are eating and always have a proper diet. It would really help in preventing it to occur again.